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Assistant Lecturer in Tourism Economics and Policy (Permanent Wholetime) 25

DEADLINE: Mon, 15 March 2021 @ 23:59 (UTC+0)
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Assistant Lecturer in Tourism Economics and Policy (Permanent Wholetime)


Role Overview

The post will be offered on a permanent wholetime and pensionable basis, subject to the terms of the provisions of the Technological Universities Act 2018.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Academic delivery of modules.
  2. Carry out assessment, monitoring and evaluation of portfolio work, student presentations, design projects, examinations work, and provide academic and consultative support to students in their learning activities.
  3. Provide academic input on existing and new programmes and in programme development.
  4. Actively engage in research and appropriate scholarly activities.
  5. Liaise with Professional Bodies and Stakeholders.
  6. Participate in committees appropriate to courses and meeting convened by Management.
  7. Contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of academic quality assurance arrangements.
  8. Contribute to future growth and development of the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism and the University.

Person Specification

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the appropriate mix of knowledge, experience, skills, talent and abilities as outlined below:


  • An appropriate first or second class honours degree in a relevant
    discipline from a recognised degree awarding authority or equivalent (Essential)
  • A Master’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognised degree awarding authority or an approved equivalent qualification ( Desirable)
  • A PhD in a relevant area (Desirable)

[Note: Master’s Degrees must have been obtained by thesis/examination]


  • Three years’ appropriate experience subsequent to obtaining an honours primary degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline (Essential)
  • The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills both oral and written and be able to communicate effectively with students which is particularly important;
  • Candidates should be IT Literate and have a high level of proficiency in MS Office;
  • The ideal candidate should be highly motivated;
  • Ability to work as part of a team or an as an individual. Commitment to teaching, research and scholarly activity;
  • Be flexible and have ability to work on their own initiative and as part of a team.

Skills, talents & abilities

  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written and be able to communicate effectively with students which is particularly important.
  • Knowledge and experience of working with industry-standard technology, machinery and software.
  • Experience of e-learning education management systems such as Brightspace or Blackboard would be an advantage.
  • Be flexible and have ability to work on their own initiative and as part of a team,
  • Be an enthusiastic team player with the ability to network with colleagues and other stakeholders.
  • Have passion and enthusiasm for the field of metalworking, metal forming and design for steel fabrication and sheet metalwork and demonstrate an ability to inspire this passion in others.


Former Public Service employees

Eligibility to compete may be affected where applicants were formerly employed by the Irish Public Service and previously availed of an Irish Public Service Scheme including:

  • Incentivised Scheme for Early Retirement (ISER)
  • Department of Health and Children Circular (7/2010)
  • Collective Agreement: Redundancy Payments to Public Servants

Applicants should ensure that they are not precluded from re-engagement in the Irish Public Service under the terms of such Schemes. This is a non-exhaustive list and any queries should be directed to an applicant’s former Irish Public Service Employer in the first instance.


A full statement of terms and conditions of employment will be given to the successful applicant in accordance with the Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994 and 2001.

The main terms and conditions of employment are as follows:


This post is offered on a permanent wholetime basis.


The successful candidate will initially be based in TU Dublin, Cathal Brugha Street pending the transfer of activities to TU Dublin, Grangegorman.

For further information please see www.dit.ie/grangegorman


The Assistant Lecturer Salary Scale is:

  • €43,105 – €53,451
  • €38,900 – €53,451 (New Entrants)

Appointments will be made at the appropriate point on the appropriate scale. Salary may be adjusted from time-to-time in line with Government pay policy. Incremental credit may apply in line with University policy.

Hours of work

This is a wholetime post. In addition to teaching hours (up to 18 hours per week), attendance is required from Monday to Friday during the general working hours of the School and College.


The terms of the University’s Staff Induction and Probation Policy may apply.


Assistant Lecturers will progress to the grade of Lecturer on completion of one year’s service after having reached the maximum of the Assistant Lecturer scale subject to a minimum of five years continuous service and meeting TU Dublin progression criteria. An assistant Lecturer with a Ph.D. and relevant research experience may be considered for progression after three years continuous service. If successful such an Assistant Lecturer may be placed on the first point of the Lecturer scale and remain on that point until five years of service has been completed.

Teaching qualifications for newly-appointed Academic staff

Please note that all new academic staff appointed to the TU Dublin assistant Lecturer and Lecturer grades, who do not currently have a teaching qualification or equivalent will be facilitated to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate in Third Level Learning and Teaching offered by the TU Dublin Learning and Teaching Centre.

Annual Leave

Annual Leave will be granted in accordance with the collective agreements approved by the Minister for Education and Skills from time to time for whole-time Lecturers.


This is a pensionable post. Specific details of the scheme will be dependent on the successful appointee’s individual status and therefore such details will be provided at the time of appointment.

Applicants should note that they will be required to complete a Pre-Employment Declaration to confirm whether or not they have previously availed of an Irish Public Service Scheme of incentivised early retirement or enhanced redundancy payment. Applicants will also be required to declare any entitlements to a Public Service pension benefit (in payment or preserved) from any other Irish Public Service employment.

Sick Leave

This appointment is subject to the University’s Sick Leave Policy for Officers of the University.

Nature of the post

The post will be on a permanent, wholetime and pensionable basis, subject to the terms of the provisions of the Technological Universities Act 2018.


The appointee will play an active role in the academic direction of courses including teaching, research, academic assessment and academic administration. The appointee should carry out such duties as are assigned by management including but not limited to:-

  • Teaching such assigned classes as deemed appropriate by management of the University, day or evening, up to 630 hours per annum including supervision of post-graduate students where appropriate. There will be a norm of 18 class contact hours per week, which may be varied from 16to 20 in consultation with the teacher. Where a lecturer is supervising Tutor/Demonstrator, a reduction in teaching hours will be applied on the basis of one-hour reduction per three hours demonstration/tutorials supervised;
  • Carrying out assessment, monitoring and evaluation of examinations work, and providing an academic and consultative support to students in their learning activities;
  • Providing academic input on existing and new courses and course development;
  • Engaging in research, consultancy and development work as appropriate;
  • Participating in committees appropriate to courses and meetings convened by management;
  • Maintaining appropriate records and making available information as required by management;
  • Engaging in promotion including student recruitment as appropriate;
  • Participating in development, implementation and maintenance of academic quality assurance arrangements;
  • Participating in appropriate activities necessary to the development of their department/school and the University;
  • Directing and supervising the work of Tutor/Demonstrator and taking academic responsibility for the academic standards of this work.

The performance of these duties will require attendance in addition to class contact hours during the normal working week.

The appointee shall carry out the lawful instructions of the President or authorised officer and comply with the requirements and regulations of the Minister for Education and Skills.

The provisions of the agreement with the Teachers’ Union of Ireland in the context of the Public Service Agreement as set out in Circular Letter 0026/2011 and Circular Letter 0052/2016 will apply to this post.


Application Form

Applications will be accepted through the online application service at www.tudublin/vacancies. A CV will be required in addition to the application form. All correspondence from the University regarding your application will be by email. Please ensure that the security filters on your email provider will accept emails from TU Dublin.

Closing Date

The closing date for applications is 5pm (Irish Time) on Monday March 15th 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.

It is anticipated that interviews for this post will take place on the April 23rd 2021. The interview assessment will be forty minutes in length and will include a presentation of eight minutes duration. The topic of this presentation will be as follows: “Your strategy for teaching tourism economics and policy to undergraduate students “

Contact information

For further information about this post please contact: Dominic Dillane at dominic.dillane@tudublin.ie

For queries regarding the application process, please contact Emma Malone at (01) 220 5163 between 9.30 and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday or email emma.malone@tudublin.ie.

Canvassing will automatically disqualify. Late applications will not be accepted.

You are also advised that you can only submit one application per competition. Should you have any issues with your submission, please contact us.

Shortlisting of applicants may take place, on the basis of information supplied in the application form.

It is University policy to seek two written references which are to the satisfaction of TU Dublin from your referees, one of whom must be your current or most recent employer. Candidates are advised to please ensure the nominated referees are aware of this requirement.

TU Dublin is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to the employment policies, procedures and practices which do not discriminate
on grounds such as gender, civil status, family status, age, disability, race, religious belief, sexual orientation or membership of the travelling community.

In accordance with TU Dublin’s Protection of Children and VulnerableAdults policy, all candidates applying for a post will be required to disclose previous convictions or pending prosecutions on the Application Form. Candidates applying for a position in a designated area will be required to undergo Garda Vetting as part of the selection process. Decisions regarding appointments may be made by UniversityManagement based on the candidate’s declaration.

The University may require candidates to undertake a pre-employment medical with an Occupational Health Physician. Normally pre-employment medicals are required for positions with a duration of one-year or more. The primary purpose of the pre-employment medical is to assess an individual's fitness for a particular position or occupation with regard to the requirements for that post. TU Dublin will have regard to its obligations under the Disability policy to make reasonable accommodation for a candidate.

A conditional offer of employment may be made to the successful candidate(s) subject to submission and verification of required evidence of qualifications, professional experience, references, pre-employment medical, Garda Vetting as appropriate. No appointment will be made unless Human Resources verify a candidate’s academic qualifications and/or evidence of professional experience required for the role. In this regard, where a qualification and/or professional experience is an essential criterion, candidates will be required to provide original academic transcripts, parchment and original statements from previous employers. The cost incurred by an applicant for requesting an academic transcript will not be covered by the University. The University reserves the right to verify documentation with the relevant bodies/employers.

Appointees are also required to furnish:

  • as evidence of age, a certified extract from a Public Register of Birth or passport;
  • Proof of PPS Number (e.g. social services card);


If a candidate wishes to appeal either a shortlisting decision or a Selection Board decision, they must indicate their intention to do so
by submitting an email to the Resourcing Manager (referred to as HR Management throughout this appeals process) within 2 working days of the date upon which written notification to the unsuccessful candidate is issued. The email notice of intent must be followed by the submission of the Appeal Form to HR Management. The completed Appeal Form must be submitted no later than 5 working days of the date upon which written notification to the unsuccessful candidate is issued or up to 3 working days after the submission of the email notice of intent. Further details in relation to the University’s Recruitment, Selection & Appointment Policy, including details in relation to the Appeals Procedure, can be found at the following link: Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy


Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) is committed to attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining the highest calibre of staff to build a diversified, supportive, innovative and inclusive workforce reflective of the wider community. TU Dublin aims to attract the best people who have the experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies to support the University’s mission.

TU Dublin supports equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion and encourages underrepresented groups to make applications and accommodates candidates with disability to apply for posts”

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy

The following section is designed to give advice to candidates on how to make their best application.

  1. In accordance to TU Dublin’s commitment to equality of opportunity for all job applicants, if you have a disability that prevents the use of the online system, you will be supported in your application and HR will send you an application pack. You are asked to request any reasonable accommodation in sufficient time to ensure you can participate fully in the process.
  2. In order to make a valid application for the post advertised, you must complete all sections of the Application form and you must also submit a CV. In relation to Academic or Research posts, unless otherwise directed in this document, you should limit the number of publications/attachments to a maximum of three.
  3. In Section E of the application form, you are asked to provide the details of two referees. If we contact your referees (following interview) they will be given a copy of the job description for the post and the requirements of the role and in this context, they will be asked to comment on your professional work/ability and on your character. TU Dublin also reserves the right to contact referees directly.
  4. In the supporting statement, at Section F, you have the opportunity to highlight particular skills, competencies, achievements and personal qualities to support your application. This section carries a word limit of 2,000 characters including spaces. You should adhere to this word limit if you choose to submit this statement by uploading a word document.
  5. TU Dublin applies a shortlisting process for all competitions. Therefore, you should ensure that the information provided clearly and fully describes how you satisfy the essential, desirable, and any of the other role requirements set out in the Person Specification. It is important to ensure that your application clearly demonstrates that you hold the qualifications, knowledge and experience required for the role. Normally, the number of applications received for a position exceeds that required to fill existing and future vacancies of the position. While a candidate may meet the eligibility requirements of the competition, if the numbers applying for the position are such that it would not be practical to interview everyone, TU Dublin may decide that a number only will be called to interview. In this respect, TU Dublin provides for the use of a shortlisting process to select a group for interview who, based on an examination of the applications appear to be the most suitable for the position. The Selection Board will examine the applications against a pre- determined criteria based on the requirement of the position as advertised. This is not to suggest that other candidates are necessarily unsuitable or incapable of undertaking the job, rather that there are some candidates, who based on their application, appear to be better qualified and/or have more relevant experience. With that in mind, it is therefore, in your own interest to provide a detailed and accurate account of your qualifications/experience on the application form.
  6. Where possible TU Dublin will indicate the anticipated Interview date within the candidate brief. It is the University’s preference that candidates attend for interview in person. However, if you reside outside the island of Ireland or if you will be temporarily abroad on the date of the interview, TU Dublin may facilitate video conferencing which you must request if you are shortlisted and invited to interview. It is your responsibility to provide the conditions appropriate to an interview setting at the agreed interview date and time, and that you have access to compatible technology to allow the interview to take place.
  7. TU Dublin will not accept a late application. Most competitions are open for up to three weeks. You will not be able to submit an application on the online system once the deadline is passed. Therefore, you should ensure you allow sufficient time to make your application in advance of the closing time.
  8. For further information regarding TU Dublin please log onto https://www.tudublin.ie/

TU Dublin at a glance

The new University – formed by a merger of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) and Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT)

  • Ireland’s largest university with over 28,000 Students
  • Over 3,000 International Students
  • Over 3,000 staff members of academic, administrative and support staff
  • Annual budget circa €200 Million
  • Only University in Ireland to offer programmes from Level 6 to Level 10 on the qualifications framework
  • Over 150 Sports & Student Societies
  • Over 1,000 Research Community
  • 3 Incubation Centres

For further detail, please see http://www.tudublin.ie/

TU Dublin – A New University for A Changing Ireland

TU Dublin is Ireland’s first Technological University - an exciting new milestone in Irish Higher Education. With campuses in Dublin City, Tallaght and Blanchardstown, it spans the largest population centres of Ireland’s capital city. Building on the rich heritage of its founding organisations - DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tallaght – TU Dublin will be inclusive and adaptable, creating educational opportunities for students at all stages of their lives.

Academic excellence in science, the arts, business, engineering and technology converge in TU Dublin to create the leaders of tomorrow. Our 28,500 students learn in a practice-based environment informed by the latest research and enabled by technological advances, with pathways to graduation from Apprenticeship to PhD.

Our thriving research community is engaged in applying innovation and technology to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, collaborating with our national and international academic partners and our many networks in industry and civic society.

Dedicated staff offer an inclusive and welcoming learning experience and TU Dublin students develop as socially responsible, open-minded global thinkers who are ambitious to change the world for the better. As graduates, they will be enterprising and daring in all their endeavours, ready to play their part in transforming the future.

College of Arts and Tourism

The College of Arts and Tourism at TU Dublin nurtures innovation and creativity across and between its six schools and academic disciplines. The College is committed to the development of knowledge which benefits society. The College provides a range of unique and innovative programmes (usually first in their field) in a modular format including higher certificate, degree, master degree and doctorate, along with research opportunities in its research centres.

School of Hospitality Management & Tourism

The School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Cathal Brugha Street, has been synonymous with the tourism and hospitality industry in Ireland since 1941. It is one of the six schools comprising the College of Arts and Tourism in the Technological University Dublin. In Ireland, the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism is the leading centre of learning and teaching in hospitality, tourism, event and leisure management and has been designated as a World Tourism Organisation (WTO) Centre for Tourism Education and Research.

The School offers programmes ranging from Short Courses (Professional Development Modules), to evening/part-time programmes, full and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and Masters and PhD by research programmes.

The School actively participates with the wider tourism and hospitality industry on an ongoing basis and supports the development of the sector through applied and academic research, conducted by our staff, and students. We are proud of our links with industry and our wider graduate network, which provides a great benefit to our students, in the classroom and beyond.

The School will be moving the Grangegorman Campus in April 2021.

DEADLINE: Mon, 15 March 2021 @ 23:59 (UTC+0)
Download Full Job Spec (*.pdf)

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