Academic Tracks

What are the Academic tracks?

This conference will bring together researchers, teachers, trainers and the industry from a variety of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds from across the world to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship in relation to hospitality, tourism, events, culinary arts and more. To reflect on the 2022 theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship we the following research tracks have been chosen for papers, posters, workshops and symposia.

1. Management

Revenue management, human resource and talent management, managing creativity and innovation, supply chain management, international management of operations, strategic business management, asset management, financial management, operations management, marketing, managing seamless transitions between offline/online experiences.

2. New and Emerging Hospitality and Tourism Offerings

New types of accommodation and accommodation providers, new types of food and beverage offerings, wellness tourism, dark tourism, health tourism, space tourism and other forms of merging tourism.

3. New Technologies

Web 2.0 and 3.0, virtual reality and augmented reality, machine learning and robotics, smart technologies, management information systems, user experiences, 5G development, big data, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), business analytics, ICT in education, stimulating smart investments, internet of things, touch commerce, cognitive technology.

4. Culture

Managing diversity, culture and heritage, cross and intercultural management, expatriate management, culture and aging, ethnicity and fairness, fluid identity of generation Z customers modernism.

5. Education

Emerging didactic and learning methodologies, flipping the classroom, simulations, blended learning, online learning, life-long learning, experiential learning, work-based learning, professional development, vocational training, information and communications technology use in education, social emotional learning.

6. Research Methodologies

New approaches to hospitality and tourism research, research using technology, online research methods, leveraging data mining and big data, projective techniques, research ethics, experimental procedures, reflexivity, computer modelling and simulation, experimental procedures.

7. Consumer Behaviour and Experiences

Engagement and connection, customer centricity, service delivery, imagineering, sales and marketing, market segmentation, emerging customer profiles, motivation, satisfaction and future intentions.

8. Sustainability and Ethics

Governance, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, modern day slavery and human trafficking, integrity, intellectual property, codes of conduct, confidentiality and data privacy and general data protection regulations, climate change.

9. General Track

We will also invite a general track to allow an area of creativity where related and relevant topics that are difficult to fit in the named tracks can be presented.

10. Resilience - COVID-19 Implications

By popular demand, we have included this as an additional track. Hospitality, Tourism, Event and broad service industry are among the most effected industries throughout Covid-19. Lessons learned, reflections made, improvements undertaken. Strong business survived, resilience has never been so relevant.