24-27 OCTOBER, 2022


Please contact if you still want to submit.

Submission Guidelines

EuroCHRIE 2022 is offering an even further range of options for you to contribute to this year's conference.

You may be a researcher, lecturer, student, industrialist, trainer or practitioner - we hope that you will find something that suits your needs to increase the body of knowledge in relation to hospitality, tourism, events and other industries.

What are my options?

Refereed Papers

The Scientific Committee formally invites hospitality, tourism, events and related industry educators, graduate students, industry professionals, trainers and association executives, among others, to submit manuscripts for presentation at the annual conference. These manuscripts will be subject to a double blind review procedure by our team of dedicated, experienced and qualified track chairs who will oversee the process.

Refereed Posters

The Scientific Committee formally invites hospitality, tourism, events and related industry educators, graduate students, industry professionals and trainers to submit, according to the poster style guide for the EuroCHRIE conference. The posters will be subject to a double blind review procedure. More details with regards the visual presentation of the posters will be issued after acceptance.

Symposium & Workshops

Academics and researchers in tourism, hospitality and related industry are invited to submit symposium submissions to the EuroCHRIE Conference. A symposium format is a multi-dimensional channel for delegates to share a wide variety of industry and educational knowledge and experience. This interactive channel is used to contribute to the profession’s body of knowledge through the sharing of unique and timely information about hospitality, tourism and related industry research and education. All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by a team of peers but this is not a blind review process.

Lecturers Lounge

The Lecturers Lounge will be a regular feature at EuroCHRIE Conferences in the future due to popular demand when launched in Aalborg in 2021. This forum will be where fellow educators in tourism, hospitality, events and related industries can meet and share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas on new approaches to teaching, learning and assessment.

The main intention of the Lecturers Lounge is to offer and receive new perspectives on teaching, learning and assessment based on a more practical approach to education.

Academic Tracks

This conference will bring together researchers, teachers, trainers and the industry from a variety of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds from across the world to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship in relation to hospitality, tourism, events, culinary arts and more. To reflect on the 2022 theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship we invite you to contribute papers, posters, workshops and symposia to the following research tracks.

Please note: If your submission has been successfully accepted, then at least one of the authors must be registered for the conference by Monday, 15 August 2022.